Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jaime (my 1st cousin) & Sam Fox Wedding Reception at TR Manyi, Ulu Ranan, Kanowit, Sibu, Sarawak on 19th July 2008.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Datu's Gegirl - Mariada76

hii.....aku tu MARIA AK DATU ari Kanowit Ulu Ranan. Anak x-cikgu DATO.

I'm working with MLNG Dua Debottlenecking Project in Project Control Department as a SAP. I have been working with MLNG since 2003 until now. Before i'm joined MRR Project. All the way, i'm working with Oil & Gas company/project. I have met with lots local people and foreign colleagues. What is the best working with project? The answer : happening :>

I'm married with Gunggang Ak Chendan (tulen anak iban ari menua Skrang-Ng Blaie). He working with Government at Jabatan Akauntan Negara and he were seconded to Education Office Bintulu Branch as an Accountant. We have 3 kids, 2 daugthers and 1 son.

This is my eldest daugther Allyssa Nuwey (10 years). Like mother like daugther ker???? Not easy to build up their future. "The best moment of a woman is a carry her child for nine months and deliver the baby safely with love. Now, you are complete as a perfect WOMAN!" For me it's ONLY 50% you are perfect as a Woman. ANother 50% is yours guidance until their successful.

Itu kedia, pose anak dara aku !

She more close to her daddy. It's doesn't meant i'm not close to her just the matter she more open to her daddy. Emak biasa lah sentiasa membebel but it's for good. Semua indai ka meda anak sida iya successful. Kelebih agi anak indu. Anak dara aku tu enda senang di buli and she always want to be a leaders. Enti nyadi boss sure she is Lady Boss.

Ni lah muka-muka Intan & Permata Hati mummy & daddy. As now, no plan to for no 4.

This is my Dhurothy Dhemmy (7 years). Very talkative,
friendly & elegant exactly like mummy. Zodiak pun sama-sama Taurus. She in Primary 1 jadi Ketua Kelas lagi tu. Badan kecik tp berjiwa besar. Tapi bab cabut gigi paling takut :> Dhurothy @ Ley berfikiran macam orang dewasa. She always asks out of my expectation.

In education she smart. Cikgu selalu kasi gula-gula sebab dpt 100%. And she selalu cakap, "aku tak belajar pun aku tau buat". Anak, no matter how smart you are you must learn. For me as a parents, cukup lah anak2 mummy berjaya, satu pulangan yang amat bermakna bagi mummy & daddy. Now, I know dulu my parents marah, maioh jako sebab apa? Because they love you and they want you success in your life. I love you mum & dad. I'm happy with my life & family because of your wishes. Don't be afraid to believe that you can have what you want to deserve. God bless.

Sure everybody want to know who is little handsome boy with me? He is my son Mr. Gareth Lugaard (19 months).

Thanks God you gave me a baby BOY for couple of my hubby play football & badminton. Lugaard's name is idea from Denmark Badminton Players - Martin Lungaards Hensen. Aura from that name, maybe Gareth will be a Malaysian Badminton Players one of the day. Who knows???

His face exactly like daddy. Pindah tikai pua ko orang Iban & photostate habis muka bapa. I'm sure Gareth terlalu manja, everybody sayang Gareth. Kakak Nuwey knew the most handsome men is Gareth & Daddy.